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Massage is a Healing Art

We like to educate our patients that massage is not a luxury, it is essential to healthy body function.  Massage is a centuries old healing art that involves the human touch, which has all but become extinct in our modern medical culture. In fact, many studies have demonstrated the value of human touch with reference to growth and development.

How are a pond, play dough and the human body alike?

Have you ever noticed water in a pond that hasn’t moved for a while?  It becomes stagnant.  Other debris gets caught in it and slime builds up.  Then it becomes a great environment for other undesirables.

Think of play dough if it sits out for a while.  A hard crust forms on the outside. When it is picked up and kneaded, it becomes soft and pliable again.  The human body is similar to the pond and play dough, it needs to move and be moved. The body will become stagnant if not touched.

Stress is at the Root of Dis-Ease

When stress is encountered, the body will take it on and move it around.  Have you ever felt muscle pain in one area then a few days later it was gone…. then a few days later it showed up somewhere else?  The body is trying to ease the stress until it is released.  If stress is not released it affects the entire operation and can be the underlying cause of chronic problems.

Massage is a health staple. It automatically puts the body in regeneration mode, seeking balance in all systems.

Become relaxed
Rev up your circulation
Release muscle tension
Let go
CLEAR your mind
Be happy


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Dr. Harper has been my chiropractor for 20 years. There are so many chiropractors to choose from,  but I have chosen her due to her wonderful care, thoughtfulness  and professionalism. She has saved me from two surgeries with chiropractic care. She is bright, cheery  and knows how to make a person feel better on a bad day.  Her staff is the best. They always make me feel welcome and attend to my needs. If you are in need of chiropractic care, you should make an appointment with her. You will not be disappointed!

Kathy H., Westfield, IN

About 4 years ago I was in so much pain that I couldn't get out of bed. I have a herniated disc and I knew that if I went to the hospital, I would be in surgery. I came to Dr. Harper's office out of desperation. I have been relatively pain-free since being in Dr. Harper's care. We drive an hour to get to her office but it is worth it!

Cheryl C., Greenwood, IN

Dr Harper and her ENTIRE team are welcoming, accomodating, and super friendly.  I have never seen Dr Harper without a smile on her face.  They are super close to my house, and can fit me in on last minute requests.  Thank you to the entire staff!

Patricia H., Fischers, IN

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